MAKE MOVES is an interview based show, hosted by John Hammond, that peeks into the minds of creative people and those who support them by thinking – and doing things – differently. Guests include musicians and music industry visionaries, architects, journalists, farmers, dancers, artists, authors, clothing designers, craftsmen, photographers, etc., etc., etc. Some guests are already famous, some are just arriving, and some will never survive, but they all have a fascinating human story to tell. Shows average 60 minutes and are in no particular order, so you can dive in wherever you want. You can get supplemental materials and interesting resources for each episode at
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May 1, 2017

MAKE MOVES Bonus Episode 13 - Season Wrap Up:  Guest host Laura Lambert interviews regular host John Hammond.  John shares the big lessons he learned from each episode in Season 1.  John's short list of takeaways highlight the unique characteristics of each guest, as well as how the lessons-learned have been powerful in transforming his own life.  John also shares some of his motivations and hopes for the podcast.

With permission of Ropeadope Records, this episode features a bit of the title track off of Michael Blake's new album Red Hook Soul.

Mar 11, 2017

MAKE MOVES 12 - Part 2 feat. Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer, arranger, and creative wanderer who follows his ears.  Anthony describes his early childhood fascination with music and sketches out the balancing act of being a free spirit and a disciplined practitioner of music.  Anthony reveals some candid thoughts with John about his father-son relationship with Gerald Wilson, the great jazz luminary.  There is some nuanced and slightly heady conversation about the movement of individual voices throughout harmonic structures.  Anthony describes the various stages of his musical education, including the things he learned about the guitar from  legendary guitar teacher Ted Greene.  The interview closes with some soul searching statements about taking creative risk and being artistically vulnerable. 

With Anthony's permission, episode 12 part 2 features a portion of the songs Arcadia and Shabby Bird, which are off his most recent album Frogtown. 

Mar 3, 2017

MAKE MOVES 12 - Part 1 feat. Anthony Wilson, guitarist, composer, and creative wanderer who follows his ears.  In Part 1 of this episode, Anthony gives a broad overview of his wide ranging career, explains why his creative compass required him to dismantle his jazz identity, and he unpacks his approach to writing and arranging music so that solos emerge out of the context of the song.  Anthony discusses his role as a sideman to many hugely famous artists and talks through an example of how his musical relationship with Diana Krall shifted from sideman to contributor.  Finally, Anthony discusses the motivation behind his newest album Frogtown, which leads into some deep conversation about his family and childhood, as well as a fascinating perspective on how he incorporates stories and the narrative-form into his songwriting.

With Anthony's permission, episode 12 part 1 features a portion of the song Hymn, which Anthony wrote for his nonette, and bit of the song Our Affair off of his album Frogtown.

Jan 31, 2017

MAKE MOVES 11 feat. Denny Tedesco, Producer of The Wrecking Crew! tells us how he made a movie that nobody thought he could make… with his own money… in his own way. The end result was an award winning documentary about an elite crew of Los Angeles studio musicians – including his father, Tommy Tedesco, one of the most recorded guitar players in history – who played on literally all of the hits to come from the West Coast music scene during the 1960’s. But Denny explains that he had to invest almost two decades of his life and be willing to take huge personal risks to finish the movie on his own terms. He discusses how he did it, why he couldn’t stop, the ramifications for his family, his personal connection to the movie’s story, and he reveals his ability to generate creative solutions.

With permission, this episode features four songs off of The Wrecking Crew! sound track: Be My Baby by the Ronettes, God Only Knows by the Beachboys, Danke Shoen by Wayne Newton, and The Beat Goes On by Sonny & Cher.

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